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  REPORT DAY 1 - Sunday 9 September 2007

Calais, France - Koblenz, Germany


To get as many photographs as possible of Car Manufacturers' Badges

After such a traumatic day yesterday - see our Pre-Rally Disaster report and Summary + Start report - it must have been a relief to be able to do a last minute shakedown of Car 46 and actually get started and on the road. Once again, thanks to the French Gendarmerie and Serge L'Homme (Serge The Man) in particular, without whose help, Drive It Like You Stole It Team would not be competing.

09.35hrs UK time - Text In - "... Start was okay - running fine - the Peugeot 405 modified clutch cable works a treat. Makes finding the gears much easier. Challenge today is get as many pics of car manufacturer badges as possible. We ahead on the road. Email later. Have good pics to follow..."

09.45hrs UK time - Q. - Can you take photos of badges of cars you pass - A. - The badge has to take up 75% of photo so have to do it stationary. Lots stopped already, we gettin ahead on road first then gettin loads from car parks, dealerships etc. We already got 5 from quick stop at some obscure Belgium manufacturer of 600cc mini cars. We got until 7pm to complete. Its going well.


14.30hrs UK time - Text Msg In- First in at Koblenz after an untroubled run. 35 mins. ahead of second runner. Fuller reports and images to follow.

Rallyinfo - Really pleased the team have had a good first day. This will allow them to settle in to the rhythm of the rally so they are well prepared for the tougher days to come. Bring it on!

16.15hrs UK time - Phone call In - Confirming earlier text msg the 300 miles covered today was quite straightforward, mostly motorways through France, Belgium, Netherlands and into the German Rhineland.

Car 46 performed like a dream - clutch problem free - and so taking advantage of lenient speed allowances on Autobahns, Drive It Like You Stole It eased up to 115mph without breaking sweat.


The Day-1 Challenge - Rallyinfo - Results won't be known until 19.00hrs when the competitors images of Car Manufacturers' badges will be collated, and points awarded. Car 46 currently have a total of 35, so it will be interesting to see how this rates.

The Rhineland is a very religious region, and many shops and cafes respect Sunday closing - and as the rally hotel does not have public internet access, images from today may be a little delayed. We'll publish them asap.

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